ESU No. 19

Contact Info

Connie Wickham

Educational Service Unit No.19
3215 Cuming Street
Omaha, Nebraska 68131
Phone: (531) 299-9625

ESU No. 19 Mission Statement


The mission of ESU No. 19 is to partner with Omaha Public Schools to provide innovative and quality educational services to enhance the educational opportunities which enable all students to achieve their highest potential. Contracted and core services in the area of professional development, media technology, special education and information technology, support the diverse needs of Omaha Public Schools.

Guiding Principles

· Safe, Healthy, and Engaged Students

· High Expectations, Rigorous Curriculum, and Effective Instruction

· Committed, Diverse, and Effective Teachers, Administrators, and Staff

· Equitable and Efficient Systems and Resources

· Engaged and Empowered Parents and Families

· Involved and Supportive Community Partners

· Accessible, Transparent, and Two-Way Communication

ESU No. 19 Serves

In 2018-2019, ESU No. 19 served approximately:

  • 53,180 Students
  • 4,062 Teachers
  • 81 Public schools
  • 14 Alternative programs
  • 275 Administrators
  • 994 Paraprofessionals (full-time)
  • 257 Classroom support Staff