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ESU No. 19 Strategic Tutoring Program

Strategic Tutoring Program (STP)

The ESU No. 19 Strategic Tutoring Program provides small group tutoring sessions focused on essential skills in reading, writing and mathematics before and after school. Highly skilled certified teachers focus on direct strategy instruction in literacy and mathematics. Students are given opportunities to practice and apply skills and strategies within a supportive learning environment. Formative assessment is used throughout the tutoring sessions in order to continually diagnose student needs, adapt instruction, and provide feedback to students.

Strategic Tutoring Program Components

* Before and/or after school tutoring (after school snack)
* Maximum of 8 students per tutor & minimum of 4
* Planning/collaboration time for tutors
* Daily attendance tracking
* Individual Site Plans
* Collaboration between tutor, classroom teacher and parents
* Surveys - parents, students & tutors
* Program & Tutor Observations