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Each of our school buildings is supported by a member of the IMS staff to help with such things as setting up new computers, printers and technology peripherals and maintenance on this equipment.  These Building Technology Technicians at the secondary schools and the Field Support Technicians at the elementary level have been busy this year learning a new work order request system as well as preparing for a certification exam on hardware to support our new desktop and laptop standard. 

Building Technology Support Staff - Secondary Sites

Benson High Magnet School - Nicholas Ell
Bryan High School - Fred Lundgren
Burke High School - Scott Riffle
Central High School - David Reinhart, Ken Brueggemann
North High Magnet School - Min Thapa
Northwest High School - Jeremy Gamerl
South High Magnet School - Michael Marchello, Jeff Krebs
Career Center - Jacob Steenson
Blackburn Alternative Center - Jacob Steenson
Beveridge Magnet Middle School - Kevin Hickman
Bryan Middle School - David Stimson
Buffett Magnet Middle School - Brandon Spore
Davis Middle School - Brandon Lanza
Hale Middle School - Kirk Curry
King Science Magnet Center - Chris Steward
Lewis & Clark Middle School - Jason Tomford
Marrs Magnet Middle School - Brandon Cruz
McMillan Magnet Middle School - Adam Lawton
Monroe Middle School - Zachary Garvis
Morton Magnet Middle School - Les Moffatt
Norris Middle School - David Dinslage
Parrish Alternative Center - Steve VanSteenbergen

Field Support Staff - Elementary Sites

Adams - Kristi Peterson
Ashland Park - Robbins - David Jopp
Bancroft - Alan Plambeck
Beals - Ben Robinson
Belle Ryan - Jake Sisavanh
Belvedere - Tomasz Swiostek
Benson West - Steve Holst
Boyd - Max Muir
Castelar - Ben Robinson
Catlin - Tyler Mayberry
Central Park - Tomasz Swiostek
Chandler View - David Jopp
Columbian - Steve Holst
Conestoga - Ben Robinson
Crestridge - Dalen Mercer
Dodge - Kristi Peterson
Druid Hill - Kyle Penney
Dundee - Adam Warne
Edison - Tamara Pietrzak
Educare @ Kellom/IH - Jacob Steenson
Field Club - Steve Vansteenbergen/Tyler Mayberry
Florence - Alan Plambeck
Fontenelle - Patrick Linafelter
Franklin - Tyler Mayberry
Fullerton - Dalen Mercer
Gateway - Steven Morris
Gifford Park - Patrick Linafelter
Gilder - Alan Plambeck
Gomez - Kyle Penney
Harrison - Patrick Linafelter
Hartman - Jake Sisavanh
Headstart @ TAC - Wil Perry
Highland - Matt Becker
Integrated Learning Program - Max Muir
Indian Hill - Adam Warne
Jackson - Patrick Linafelter
Jefferson - Kristi Peterson
Joslyn - Jake SIsavanh
Kellom - Patrick Linafelter
Kennedy - Dalen Mercer
King - Tomasz Swiostek
Liberty - Steven Morris
Lord - Adam Warne
Lothrop - Matt Becker
Masters - Jake Sisavanh
Miller Park - Ben Robinson
Minne Lusa - Steve Holst
Mount View - Max Muir
Oak Valley - Steve Holst
Omaha Virtual School - Clay Torpin
Pawnee - Matt Becker
Picotte - Steve Morris
Pinewood - Kyle Penney
Ponca - Steven Morris
Prairie Wind - Kristi Peterson
Transition @ PVA - Steve VanSteenbergen
Rosehill - Steven Morris
Saddlebrook - Matt Becker
Sherman - Tomasz Swiostek
Skinner - Kyle Penney
Spring Lake - Steve VanSteenbergen
Springville - Kyle Penney
Standing Bear - Jacob Steenson
Sunny Slope - Kristi Peterson
Wakonda - Matt Becker
Walnut Hill - Tomasz Swiostek
Washington - Jake Sisavanh
Western Hills - Jacob Steenson
Wilson Focus School - Tyler Mayberry

Apple Computer Bench Support Staff

Alan Plambeck

Other Site Support Staff

TAC - Teacher Administration Center - Clay Torpin
Service Center - Shaun Stockton
Transportation - Craig Clark
Supply - Quang Le