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Assessment & Quality Assurance

Conversion of Scan Projects to Web Based Software: 

Staff is actively converting paper-based scan projects to the web based software, Class Climate, which was installed last school year.  The first major conversion entailed surveying roughly 9000 students, 5000 parents and 5000 staff members on their opinions of the climate and safety of their schools.  Also, four new scan projects were designed, scanned and reported on exclusively using Class Climate, including 60+ student evaluations of ACT Test Prep workshops and 400+ parent evaluations of the Head Start program.  There are also several other scan projects in various stages of conversion to, or design within, Class Climate.

Results Comparison Reports Added to the IMS Customer Satisfaction Survey:

The IMS Customer Satisfaction Survey was again deployed to District employees.  Additional result information included comparison reports and graphs.  This information showed improvement in almost all areas of customer satisfaction from 2008 to 2009.

Review/Update of IMS Team Plans:

Team Plans for each area of IMS continue to be developed and refined.  Included in the Team Plans are goals, objectives (with targets), measurements, and key success indicators for the upcoming school year.  Objectives are measured and results reviewed by management on a quarterly basis.  Any adjustments or corrective actions that management feels necessary are reported back to team leads.