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Network Systems & Telecommunication Services

Involvement in Major Technology Implementations

The staff was involved in various implementations during the last year.  Those included the implementation of: 1) software for Email filtering with a new vendor; 2) software for Web filtering with a new vendor; 3) a new Web Server configuration; 4) Acuity testing software; and 5) a new server configuration for the newly purchased student software, Infinite Campus. 

Besides the software and configuration implementations, staff also helped with the implementation of Distance Learning.  Those set up efforts included: 1) the networking equipment and upgraded wiring at high school buildings in preparation for Distance Learning class offerings across the state; and 2) the networking equipment at the University of Nebraska in order to participate in Network Nebraska.

Involvement in Major Technology Transitions

Staff also have worked on various projects and have transitioned: 1) to a new Wide Area Network (WAN) provider as well as reconfigured and upgraded the District’s WAN at just under 100 different buildings; 2) just under 680 school phone lines, around 2200 administrative building phone lines, and approximately 20 point to point connections to a different provider; and 3) off Novel to Active Directory.

Other Improvements - Additional Items

Staff added Server Load Balancing to the list of services provided by the network area.  The staff also assisted during the reconfiguration of the data center - to meet IT industry’s best practices, such as hot/cold aisles, 220 power, upgraded UPS and cooling capacities, security.

Preparation for New Schools / Sites & Other Items

This past year staff helped to ready the new Saddlebrook Elementary for network connectivity and telephone services.  Also underway is the necessary work for the Indian Hill Educare site. Other undertakings still in progress include: 1) ongoing Active Directory single-domain consolidation; 2) expanded implementation of the Altiris software; and 3) numerous wireless implementations